Planning your next trip

Just a few simple tips for planning your next getaway!…


WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? – The most exciting part! Deciding where in the world you are going to see next!

HOW LONG DO YOU WANT TO GO FOR? – Forever… if only! Deciding this basically helps your budgeting… how much will you need to save and what can you afford to spend each day!

RESEARCH YOUR ACTIVITIES – Where are they, how much do they cost, do you need to book or make a reservation? these are the things to think about!

PASSPORT – It may sound obvious to most… but you would be surprised at the amount of people that forget or just don’t know that you need this to travel internationally! ALSO i will add to this point to check that your passport is still valid – I’ve heard this story from so many people that they’ve got to the airport and haven’t been able to get onto there flight due to an invalid passport and had to spend hundreds of dollars for a quick turnaround passport…. and in the end had a stressful start to there now shortened holiday!

BOOKING FLIGHTS – The main site i use to book my flights is through these guys basically win every time when I’m searching through multiple websites for the best prices. Other websites i use include;

I find that booking directly through the airline can sometimes be cheaper and also a lot easier to deal with if you need to make changes to your booking.

BOOKING ACCOMMODATION – When i book my accommodation i generally stick to and airbnb. after you’ve booked a certain amount of times with you actually unlock secret deals that offer cheaper accommodation that other uses cant see. AirBnB just allows for a more homely feel and you get to experience the place you’re travelling a little bit differently!

TRAVEL INSURANCE – Yes its expensive and yes you may not need to use it BUT if you do have an accident / miss a flight / have a flight cancelled / loose all your luggage/ damage your camera and other personal belongings – the list can go on… it could for sure save you thousands of dollars!

ENTRY VISA – Do you need one? How do you get them? Some countries require tourists to obtain these visas before entering the country/getting to the airport and others issue these at customs once you’ve landed to your destination. I would highly recommend researching if you need one of these before you get into your Uber to head to the airport. They are found online and usually cost a small fee. USA (esta) & Canada (eta) now requires all tourists to obtain a tourist Visa even if you are only transiting through the country.

CONTACT YOUR BANK COMPANY – It doesn’t matter how long you’ll be gone for, let your bank know when you will be travelling and to what country you will be travelling too. If you don’t and you go ahead and use that card, they may put a block on it due to “suspicious or fraudulent use” and there’s nothing worse than having to sit on the phone with your credit card company instead of enjoying your holiday!



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